The Basque coast Geopark is compound by Zumaia, Deba and Mutriku villages, and it is located between the Cantabrian Sea and The Basque Mountains. Since 2010 it is considered part of European and World Geopark net, which is protected by UNESCO.


The route begins in Deba and finishes in Zumaia, and the geology is the major attraction of the walk. It is possible to read more than 60million year world history in the flysch type rocks that are present in many parts of the route.

Don’t miss the chance to discover The Basque Coast!

  • LOCATION: Deba (GIPUZKOA) |  map
  • DURATION: 4-5 hours
  • DIFFUCULTY: Medium-Low
  • MINIMUM GROUP: 4 People.
  • PRICE: 45€ pax (IVA Incluided)
  • INCLUDING: Qualified guides, material, accident insurance
  • NO INCLUDING: Transportation, meals, accommodation …expenses
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