La Leze canyon, popularly known as Jentilkoba, crosses Altzania mountain range from the north to the south through a 60m height cave.

It is a dynamic and constant ravine as there are no interruptions between the different rappels. Along the first third the ravine is lit by natural light coming through the big entrance of the cave; in the midway the darkness is complete and during the last third of the route the daylight coming through the exit will permit to enjoy of amazing mixture of colors formed by water, flora and light.

Don’t miss the chance to discover this magic ravine in Euskal Herria!

  • LOCATION: Egino (ARABA)|  map
  • DURATION: 1 hour 15 min to approach| 2-3 hours to descend | 5 min. To return.
  • MINIMUM GROUP: 4 People.
  • PRICE: 60€ pax.  (I.V.A. included)
  • INCLUDING : Qualified guides, material, accident insurance
  • NOT INCLUDING: Transportation, meals, accommodation … expenses
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